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A Fresh Look at Dudley George

Open Letter to Canadians:

I was wondering if you have given thought to writing a piece about the death of indigenous activist Dudley George, whose shooting death by the OPP was the centre of an inquiry years ago.

Before and during the inquiry process Kenneth Deane (the shooter) and multiple OPP officers were all killed in car accidents that the OPP investigated and declared accidents.

Sergeant Margaret Eve, a dispatch officer on the day of the shooting, was hit by a transport truck on Highway 401 near Chatham in June 2000.

Inspector Dale Linton, the officer who activated Deane's unit the night Dudley George was shot, was killed in a vehicle accident near Smiths Falls in October 2000.

Kenneth "Tex" Deane was killed on February 25, 2006 in a car accident when his vehicle collided with a truck near Prescott, Ontario.

All three were killed before they could testify at the inquiry. The inquiry was quite literally a "dead end" because there was no one alive from the chain of command to say who ordered the shooting death of Dudley George.

The OPP deny being any foul play in the deaths of their officers, but can we really trust the OPP to investigate the deaths of witnesses to an event the OPP was intimately involved with?

And with that in mind, we should understand that the 1200+ indigenous women who were murdered / missing likely involves police either bungling cases or deliberately bungling cases because they themselves were responsible.

INDIGENOUS LIVES MATTER, but clearly so do police lives when there is apparently a serial killer targeting the OPP.

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