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Natives pissed on by Stephen Harper

I got the following image below from this website: Anybody But Stephen Harper.

It is not a myth. It describes something that actually happened. For more details on the incident read the CBC news articles from 2009:

What that incident shows is the level of disregard the Harper government has for Native Canadians.

Also while we are at it, what about the 1200+ missing / murdered women cases which are unsolved that Stephen Harper claims "most of those have already been solved". Complete BS. They have not been solved at all. Apparently he doesn't understand the term "unsolved".

And on top of being treated like shit, aboriginals in Canada are apparently expected to keep boiling their water in many communities that don't even have clean drinking water. The money is apparently there to fix the problem, but the Harper government has been ignoring the problem for 10 years because they are using clean drinking water as a bargaining stick when dealing with these communities.

Got a message for you Stephen Harper. Clean drinking water is NOT a bargaining stick. It is a right.

It is no wonder so many aboriginals in Canada hate Stephen Harper. They have a right to be pissed off. Anybody who gets treated like that should feel like they are being physically threatened by the Harper government, because in reality they are being physically threatened. Their lives are at stake.

People are dying. Something needs to be done. Stephen Harper is not the man for the job.

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