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Creation Myth - Zuni

Before the beginning of the new-making, Áwonawilona (the Maker and Container of All, the All-father Father), solely had being. There was nothing else whatsoever throughout the great space of the ages save everywhere black darkness in it, and everywhere void desolation.

In the beginning of the new-made, Áwonawilona conceived within himself and thought outward in space, whereby mists of increase, steams potent of growth, were evolved and uplifted. Thus, by means of his innate knowledge, the All-container made himself in person and form of the Sun whom we hold to be our father and who thus came to exist and appear. With his appearanee came the brightening of the spaces with light, and with the brightening of the spaces the great mist-clouds were thickened together and fell, whereby evolved water in water and the world-holding sea.

With his substance of flesh outdrawn from the surface of his person, the Sun-father formed the seed-stuff of two worlds, impregnating the great waters, and behold! in the heat of his light these waters of the sea grew green and scums rose upon them, growing wide and weighty until, behold! they became Áwitelin Tsíta, the "Four-fold Containing Mother-earth," and Ápoyan Tä'Chu, the "All-covering Father-sky."

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