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The Ghost of Dudley George

In 1995 Native protester Dudley George was shot by OPP officer Kenneth Deane.

Then Premier Mike Harris ordered the police to force the Natives off Native land known as Ipperwash by "any means necessary".

After the death of Dudley George there was an inquiry which revealed the police had failed to even negotiate with the Natives and had opted to solve the situation with gunfire.

Kenneth "Tex" Deane was mysteriously killed on February 25, 2006 in a car accident when his vehicle collided with a truck near Prescott, Ontario. He was the third person involved in the Ipperwash Crisis to be mysteriously killed in a car accident.

No investigation into whether the three car accidents are connected was ever made.

The first person to die was Sergeant Margaret Eve. She was hit by a transport truck on Highway 401 near Chatham in June 2000.

Inspector Dale Linton, the officer who activated Deane's unit the night Dudley George was shot, was killed in an accident near Smiths Falls in October 2000.

All three were experienced and well-trained drivers. It is possible that they were being pursued by an unknown attacker and eventually made a mistake which led to their deaths.

All three were to be witnesses in the Ipperwash Inquiry. None of them lived to testify.

So is Dudley George's ghost hunting down the people who caused his death?

Or did former Premier Mike Harris have the witnesses murdered?

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